Diets for Weight Loss - The truth about diets and weight loss for dummies

So Health - a balance of physical and mental condition of the person. And I do not think that this phrase will make you at least some objections. And if so, then it is time to talk about what is not visible in the reflection of the mirror, that you can not touch and massage, that can not be weighed or measured tailor "meter" that, nevertheless, has all these centimeters and kilograms enormous influence and impact. It's about our psyche and emotions.

If you are viewing the site from the beginning, that probably already realized that there are no miracle cures and miracle otc weight loss pills. All weight loss is primarily associated with a decrease in caloric intake and increase physical activity. All. This is physics, it is the law of conservation of energy.

But you will agree that the way to good health and weight loss can not lie through negative emotions. Accordingly, one of the overriding objectives, I would say the most important task is to get rid of negative emotions and the ability to manage their psyche that would be a change in diet and exercise really brings joy, pleasure and satisfaction. Our body - a single unit. Our subconscious mind is connected with the body, and the body with the subconscious. Firmly attached, oh so tight. Yes, we still have the "brain" was not, and the subconscious mind in the body has been, well, or, on the contrary, the body is in the subconscious.

Therefore, the main task - to convince our subconscious mind that it would be, as well as we wanted to bring the body in order, wanted to change it.

What for? Yes, everything is easy! The fact is that our subconscious like a roly-poly - remember as a child was such a toy? Her kachnesh, it is rejected and then tends to return to its original position. That's about as arranged and our subconscious - any deviation in one direction or another, any changes to the positive or negative, it does not matter, will cause our subconscious anxiety and fear. It is our most "lazy" and conservative and believes it is better to live as is, without changing anything.

And all because our subconscious mind is nothing more than a self-preservation instinct. And what is the main task in self-preservation? Correctly! The instinct of self-preservation, like every decent instinct millet obliged to keep the integrity and security entrusted to it by the body. But any change in your life - is a threat, a threat to survival. Location subconscious know that this change is for the bears? What's ahead - Unknown? It turns out that our subconscious - a bodyguard, and the object of his protection of our body. Well, judge for yourself, of course, the bodyguard is much calmer when his "object" sits in one place and preferably in tightly closed room. Of course, he will make every effort that would be his "object" as little as possible out of the house for all sorts of business meetings and banquets. During the same thing happens with our body. That is why it is so hard to sit on a diet, that's because it is so hard to force yourself to go to the gym, that's because a diet after all back to square one ...

And it happens because it interferes with the subconscious mind through the senses and begins to affect us, our thoughts.

PSYCHOLOGY OF WEIGHT LOSS. The subconscious and the instinct for survival

Well, for example, you decide to run in the mornings. Yes, that is picked up and taken here is the solution you and your mind. Well, that such is the mind - something logical and prudent, so he is well aware that running - this calorie consumption and calorie consumption - is slimming. That's right, and do not argue!

And what about the subconscious? And he do not care, all these "reasonable" solutions. Vidal is all of this logic and usefulness. He was the main thing that he had not been touched and tugged. What sort of figure! Here calorie consumption, and hence a threat to survival!

And it slowly, subtly and gradually begins to "drip on the brain." As a result, first you start to feel no desire to run around and find a lot of "valid" reasons not to make a run today. Of course, you will at the same time a little ashamed in front of him, so the curse of "all tomorrow as a bayonet" a little more active. Then gradually add laziness takes modesty and aversion appears to load. In the end comes the climax: "Yes, burn all the blue flame Yeah gave me the run Yes me and so good!!!"

That's all! Without the old woman suffered ... Complete victory of the subconscious. And all because we simply did not care about what would make the subconscious mind of the enemy ally, did not care about what would have to drag him to his side.

It does not matter what we were doing: running, aerobics, swimming, sitting on a diet, but anything, our subconscious is not very versed in this, the main thing that disturbed him, the main thing that rocked this same dolls. And it can not be said that all of these weight loss methods are useless and ineffective. Not at all. Just not having such a powerful ally as the subconscious mind - all quickly returned to normal. Moreover, the stronger we swing dolls, the stronger the opposition and worse results. That's why all these crazy promises of advertising lose weight in the short term to an end very lamentable, that's so much more correct and is a gradual loss of weight and a gradual increase in load.

That is why weight loss is very important to drag unconscious on his side, and to do so, that would be it, as well as you want to lose weight, well, or at least not hinder it. How to do it? Yes, there are ways to ...

Look, what a flourish: to lose weight and get better again prevents us from our subconscious. And it happens because as soon as we gain weight, our subconscious, as it were "reprogrammed" and begins to perceive all the extra weight is already as normal, because a lot is not enough!

Therefore, any attempts to lose weight are regarded as a threat to our subconscious survival of our long-suffering body, which immediately on an emotional level manifests itself in negative emotions, and physical - in the metabolism slowing down.

And the problem is that, even losing weight physically, in most cases, in the mind, we continue to see themselves as still the full both now and in the near future. It turns out that in order for that to lose weight, you need to "re-program" again, our subconscious, ie, enter into it new information about our weight and volume, and "tell" him what is good. Simply put, you need to teach the subconscious mind to see us thin and slender, ie scientifically - to excite the dominant weight loss.


Dominant (from the Latin dominans -. The ruling) - is temporarily dominant focus of excitation in the central nervous system that can accumulate a field and slow down the work of other nerve centers, thus giving our behavior a certain direction.

In other words, the dominant allows us to focus on one thing while ignoring and suppressing the rest.

The simplest example of the emergence of a dominant - it is the feeling of hunger that we experience on a regular basis, not just once or twice per day. That is not try to satisfy your hunger - and soon you will notice that smells, conversations, thoughts, sensations in the body - all food recalls. And the work is not glued, and thoughts do not go to the head and irritation from somewhere and took the mood, why is spoiled .... But it is necessary to satisfy hunger - and all the birds are chirping, the sun shines again all well and good . The mood is good and the work in full swing ..

Dominant - is another manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation, which also helped our ancestors to survive in the wild and flee from all evil and unfriendly predators.

From the name of the dominant - the "dominant", follows a very important principle that we have in mind can not be multiple foci of excitation equal, ie desires and needs. Therefore, our brain from all of them choose one, the most important at this point in time the hearth and directs all the energy to perform this most important task. At the same time it also takes energy from the others, "minor" centers of excitation.

Well, for example: you want to eat in the stomach grumbles and rages of hunger and all thoughts about food. But suddenly, on the hill, the fire begins! I am sure that all the thought of food you immediately dissolve in a puff of smoke and flames, you think about food and forget it, just to get away and escape from the fire! And all because the dominant hunger, replaced by the stronger dominant danger and took itself all its energy. Therefore, to run away from the fire you faster, stronger than before wanted to eat. Even thought it is applied to weight loss? Correctly! With skillful use of this knowledge, we can expand the energy of love to the flour and sweet in the opposite direction and send it to track weight loss!

To do this, you must initiate a dominant weight loss.

We need to create a vivid and emotionally charged image, the image in which you will see yourself slim and thinner, ie, we are talking about self-hypnosis.Here are some exercises to do Alex Faleev recommends in his book "The Magic of harmony":

"Start with the statement:" Every second I get rid of the fat. "

Then imagine how fat flows like water from your body. As it melts like snow in the sun. It evaporates the water on the glass on a hot day.

This image draining fat from your body is very useful to keep in mind during physical training - training effectiveness grows up to 3 times.

If you have a well-developed imagination, you can go further. Imagine that fat gradually evaporates from your body, and that your body has reached the desired Conditions by you! It is thinner!

Be sure to Reinforce positive self-image this slim and beautiful (invoke a delight).

Then visualize yourself as vividly as you can: you slender and beautiful, up in the morning out of bed, stretches, doing exercises, doused with water. Here you go down the street - and look at you, you can see in the window reflected his smile. Here you come to work, employees are telling you compliments, congratulations, you are beginning to ask about how you manage it. You meet a friend, who have not seen it you did not at first recognize and exclaims: "My God, this can not be How do you thin!", "It's a miracle!". You feel proud and confident of the changes occurred.

That this state of joy and happiness, and you have to back up the image of the future.

Needed to elicit a desired image of 10-30 minutes per day (2 x can be 5-15 minutes). Use the time of travel in the subway, taxi, taking a shower, etc. Opportunities to allocate 10-30 minutes a day very much.

It is advisable to call this way early in the morning - morning mood sets the tone for the whole day. "

So I summarize: the first thing we need to do - is to "reprogram" your mind to a new weight rate, and make the subconscious take us thinner, slender and young!